Windows CE SIP CTRL Button

Windows CE SIP CTRL Button

Post by U2h1c » Sat, 25 Feb 2006 01:43:30

I've designed a SIP for Windows CE 5.0 using the STD SDK, and I can not seem
to get the CTRL button to work properly in combination with other keys...

CTRL + X = cut
CTRL + C = copy

Any sample code to help me on how I can have this done would be very very



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By using a full screen I can hide the lower menu bar and the SIP
button and I have my own SIP button with no options. That all works
well. However, when the SIP is activated, the Microsoft SIP button is
displayed right under it hiding my button until the SIP is once again
hidden. Only the SIP button is displayed with the SIP, the rest of the
bottom menu/toolbar stays hidden. I would like for the SIP to stay
hidden too instead of covering my button.

Is there a way to hide the SIP button while displaying the SIP?
All suggestions appreciated.

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