mcafee & windows popup blocker off, but still can't get popup windows?

mcafee & windows popup blocker off, but still can't get popup windows?

Post by sara » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 02:47:28

my dell media center came w/ mcafee security center...if there's a site
w/ popups that i want to see, and i turn off the blockers, they still
don't appear. any ideas? thx!

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Hi Owen,

Internet Explorer "new Window" & Script error problems

The following fix solves the problem. Based on MSKB article:

Manual procedure: (Microsoft Knowledge article link)


Suddenly my popup windows are not working. I have NOT installed ay
popup-blocking software. It's a problem on every web page that utilises

What's happening? It all worked fine yesterday!!!

I noticed at the same time other things have stopped working, like "Start ->
Search -> Files or Folders" from the taskbar.

I am using Win2000 Professional, IE6.2800.1106 / SP1.


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