RB3.tmp RB91.tmp Rba3.tmp

RB3.tmp RB91.tmp Rba3.tmp

Post by TWFwb » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 07:13:28

A friend is suddenly getting the above temp files in his recycle bin, he
deletes them but they just keep coming back. How can I help him

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Among all the various wrinkles in interpretation and implementation
choices around pathnames, all the Unix-based Common Lisp's I've tested
seem to agree that:

(pathname-directory "/tmp/foo/bar") ==> (:ABSOLUTE "tmp" "foo")


(pathname-directory "/tmp/foo/bar/") ==> (:ABSOLUTE "tmp" "foo" "bar")

I.e. the trailing '/' on the namestring controls whether the last
element goes into the directory component of the pathname.

However I have not tested every implementation. Does anyone know of a
Unix-based implementation where that is *not* true?



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