Transfer old colors & themes to new XP machine?

Transfer old colors & themes to new XP machine?

Post by Margie & J » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 20:59:57

My overworked sister has gotten an new home office
computer and she wants to just sit down to work like
nothing has changed-i.e. she wants everything to look the
same as her previous Win versions: ME, 98 & 95 so she
doen't have to waste time learning anything new right
now. I have transferred her files, favorites, network
connections, etc. and have set start menu to classic and
have organized her start & taskbar like she had them. But
I have hit a brick wall when it comes to copying color
schemes, sound schemes and themes.

I read Chris Jackson's note 2/10/04 about reading the
*.theme files in text to see the path for each resource
and then placing those resources into the appropriate
files so they can be found. (Thank you Chris, you gave me
hope!) If I take the time to do this for each theme and
place the *.theme files into "WINDOWS\resources\themes"
will this work? Do I need to turn off the old windows
screen savers for each theme first?

I noticed the text files contained the desktop appearance
colors for that theme, but is there any other way to
transfer color schemes to the new computer? Where and in
what format do the standard windows color schemes reside?
And the same for the sound schemes? I searched
for "eggplant" and found 11 files, most of which are not
in any format I can do anything with.

Please help us. Thanks in advance!