upon startup of computer, my documents is shown instead of desktop

upon startup of computer, my documents is shown instead of desktop

Post by Will Denn » Wed, 15 Sep 2004 02:36:16

Hi Christine

Please see the following link to Kelly's web page:

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2. AMD64: Desktop freezes upon startup

For 10 weeks I have now been without my OS2 4.52 since buying a new
box(Motherboard MSI6741 with VIA K8T800 chipset and VIA 8237 South
Bridge, CPU=AMD64 3400+, 1024 MB RAM, SATA 2x200GB drives and GeForce
FX5200 video card).

I ran into DOSCALL!.DLL failure late in the boot sequence, despite
having applied the following: Expartcp, Daniela TESTCFG.SYS, remmed
the APM devices in config.sys, latest free IBM basedevices, latest
Daniela basedevices, Daniela PATCHLDR.EXE and trying many of the
latest kernels. Still DOSCALL1.DLL trap.

The solution was to apply the original VGA driver by Alt-F1, F2 and
SETVGA command. (I had used F3 which installs the GENGRADD driver).
Found this tip in a ng post from Nov 2003 by Terry (Denver), who had had
similar problems. Thanks Terry.

So now I have a different problem! The WPS starts but freezes straight
away. Have tried the F4 Maintenance desktop, but same problem (+ mouse
not funtioning during the selective install). Need some help or I will
have to give up OS2.

Lytham, UK

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