Keeping IE6 Windows Maximised

Keeping IE6 Windows Maximised

Post by Alan Watso » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 22:59:31

I have a folder of Shortcuts to Web Site Pages.

Ever since using Tile Windows Vertically, sometimes when
I use the Shortcuts, the Window Opens as a Normal Window -
but originally they all opened up full-screen.

It seems to be random, sometimes they open full screen -
other times not - and I do want all IE6 Windows to be
full screen when opened.

Any ideas that stop me having to maximise the Window each

Alan Watson

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Hi all...

I have a javascript question for IE 6. I want to maximize the browser
window and place it on the screen such that it does not end up under
the task bar.

I understand how to resize the window so that its size matches the
area of the screen not taken up by the task bar...

window.resizeTo(screen.availWidth, screen.availHeight);

The question then becomes were to position the window on the screen so
that it doesn't end up partially burried beneath the task bar.

I.E. if I say window.moveTo(0,0) after running the above resize, it
works great if the taskbar is on the bottom of the screen. But if I
do this and the task bar is on the left of the screen, the left side
of the window ends up underneath the task bar. Similarly, I can move
to (for example) window.moveTo(screen.width-screen.availWidth,0),
which will work if the task bar is on the left, but if the task bar is
on the right then the right side of the browser window ends up beneath
the task bar. There is a similar issue when the task bar is on the
top of the screen.

If I could somehow tell, through Javascript, which side of the screen
the task bar is on (top, bottom, left, right), this whole problem
would become trivial. As far as I can tell, there is no way to make
this determination, but if anyone can suggest a way where I can do
this it would be very much appreciated.

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