folders created with 'mkdir' don't appear in Explorer

folders created with 'mkdir' don't appear in Explorer

Post by Tim. » Mon, 23 Feb 2009 16:53:13

I've often encountered this little mystery and it still baffles me. When I
use the 'mkdir' command to create a folder on a particular drive, and then
start using 'xcopy' to copy files to that folder, the folder vanishes in
Explorer but is still visible using the 'dir' command. Before I start using
'xcopy' the folder is there, but as soon run the 'xcopy' command it
disappears and doesn't return. I've tried it twice now on 2 different drives
and both folders are 'missing' in Explorer but are there in the command
prompt. This is what I did:


'mkdir f:\g-drive' (creates a folder on F-drive. The folder appears in


'xcopy g: /s /e /v /f f:\g-drive' (copies all files and folders from
G-drive to the location 'f:\g-drive'. As the command is running the folder
then disappears in Explorer.)

Only thing I've found that gets the folders to appear is to reboot, but I
don't see why I should have to do that!


folders created with 'mkdir' don't appear in Explorer

Post by TOM760 » Tue, 24 Feb 2009 01:56:55

Does this also happen if you use Explorer to open the drive, then
right-click to create a new folder?
Tom - Vista, CA


folders created with 'mkdir' don't appear in Explorer

Post by Tim Meddic » Wed, 15 Apr 2009 04:04:16

Hi Tim,
After creating the folder from within command prompt with the
mkdir command. Come out of the parent folder in explorer so that you cannot
see the folder that should be there. Then go to the top menu and click View
> Refresh. This MUST be done from the top menu (not right-click in the
right-hand 'files' panel) and give it a couple of seconds (you'll see the
folders in the folder's bar flash a while). Then open the parent folder
again and your newly created folder should have appeared there. This will
obviate the need for you to reboot to see it.

Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London.