Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error!

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error!

Post by poochbeas » Wed, 22 Oct 2008 07:20:35

I am trying to diagnose a problem with a tiny software application
called vdat.

BACKGROUND: I have a large live music collection...much of it is
recorded onto Digital Audio Tape (DAT). I have a DDS tape drive (Sony
SDT-9000) with a special firmware update which allows the drive to
read digital audio data and transfer it to my hard drive at up to 4
times normal speed.

The software program that controls the tape drive and allows me to
choose what portion of the tape I wish to copy is called vdat.

I previously ran this application on another PC without any problems.
I recently built a new PC...with the identical configuration, but now
whenever I try to open vdat, I get the following error message:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files/vdat\vdat.exe

abnormal program termination

I can get vdat to open in Safe Mode (but then, of course, I have no
DDS Tape Drive to control).

I've tried running SysInternals' Process Monitor in an attempt to
diagnose the problem, but it's a bit over my head.

I am running Windows XP SP3. I have checked and rechecked my hardware
configuration and everything appears to be working properly. My ASPI
layer is also installed and working correctly. The developer of vdat
has not responded to my requests for support.

If anyone has any suggestions for how I might go about diagnosing this
problem, I would be most appreciative. I would also appreciate if
someone might be able to direct me to someone who could help me with
this problem. I'm willing to pay for tech support, but so far, this
problem appears to be over everybody else's head too.


Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error!

Post by ju.c » Wed, 22 Oct 2008 07:56:09

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