Arrange icons in groups - (Restore Icon utility?)

Arrange icons in groups - (Restore Icon utility?)

Post by Orri » Tue, 17 Aug 2004 23:24:04


I need a way to arrange my desktop icons in groups. For example, icons for
financial software, multimedia, business files, graphics programs, etc. in
separate groups. Simply arranging them in Windows XP is not the solution,
since XP keeps re-arranging them whenever I change screen resolution or
other properties.

I found references to a utility named Restore Icons (restore_icons.exe), but
they all point to a URL that does not work.

Does anyone know of a way to arrange icons in groups that will not be
over-ridden by XP or a simple utility for accomplishing this?

Thank you.


Arrange icons in groups - (Restore Icon utility?)

Post by TS4gUmFqZX » Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:35:01


One suggestion.

create folders on the desktop for each group.
then put all the short cuts in that folder.
so only the folders will be arranged by name when u do anything on the
desktop and this wil not affect the short cuts in that folder.

M. Rajesh
.Net and Windows Shell MVP


Arrange icons in groups - (Restore Icon utility?)

Post by softexexpe » Thu, 09 Sep 2004 19:12:24

Hi, try Icon Keeper Deluxe.

Profile creation and changes require minimum activity from the User
with only a few mouse clicks. Shifting between profiles is also
reduced to a couple of clicks. The User can create profiles by any
condition arranging icons for example by type (Office applications,
Graphics, Software Development, Games etc).

Software Features:
* Keeping of icons positions on desktop
* Provides for several sets of icons on the desktop
* Stores icons sets and their positions in named profiles
* Easy profile management (create, edit, save, save as, delete)
* Instant switch back and forth between profiles (couple of mouse
* Fast restoration of icons positions when icons are "shuffled"
* Fast restoration of startup layout
* Support for different resolution layouts
* Fast access to all of the functions via the desktop context menu
(integrated at installation)
* Doesn't load the memory & CPU while active
* Supports Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/