Selectively Removing Yahoo! Messenger

Selectively Removing Yahoo! Messenger

Post by Santa Clar » Tue, 30 Dec 2003 11:51:07

I'm trying to uninstall Yahoo! Messenger, but only from
one of the profiles on my XP. When I run the
uninstaller, it removes it from all; when I install
Yahoo! Messenger, it installs it to all users. Deleting
folders from select Startup profiles doesn't seem to work
either - it's kind of like a virus! Anyone know how to
remove it from the registry so that only some profiles
will get it? I posted this on Yahoo! and got no response.


Selectively Removing Yahoo! Messenger

Post by gunkhea » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 00:21:02

I would uninstall it first, then when installing select an option like
"install for this profile or user only" . if you dont have this option, then
in Yahoo take out the option of "running yahoo on startup", then just put a
shortcut yourself in your startup folder for you desired profile.


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