help - driver installation problem

help - driver installation problem

Post by VmVua2F » Sat, 26 Mar 2005 06:09:02

I think this is place for driver installation problems,if not please redirect
as appropriate if someone knows.

Q:We have mouse driver, during upgrade of the product we uninstall the
drivers and install the latest drivers.This process prompts for a
reboot.After reboot the device manager shows that the mouse is associated
with the system drivers(Microsoft PS/2 port) rather than ours,but our driver
are loaded.
Do we have to necessarily do a reboot twice? or could there be a problem in
the drivers? If so, how could i could i confirm this?

Points to note:
1. OS - WinXP - Sp2
2. Mouse port is PS/2
3. The uninstall of drivers requires a reboot,but we dont want to do that
since this ends up in doing two reboots one for uninstall another for
install.Also, an important point to note is without rebooting for uninstall
and doing an install,device manager shows the mouse associated with our
device.The problem occurs only after the reboot
4. Our uninstall does not reconfigure to make the device use system drivers
is that something that need to be taken care to make the later install
configure cirrectly after reboot?

Any insight would be highly appreciated.


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Yesterday, I found one strange problem with our CoNDIS driver. When a
3rd party software(Unlimited Data Manager) is installed, it does not work.

Unlimited Data Manager comes with the following drivers
wtengine.sys -Protocol driver for adapter enumeration and control
wtsmpadap.sys -WtSmpAdap NDIS Miniport Driver
wtsmpflt.sys - Sesam intermediate driver

Let me sumarize the scenarioes here

A. Working case.

1. Installing " Unlimited Data Manager " after installing our CoNDIS

B. Failure case.

1. Installing our CoNDIS driver after installing " Unlimited Data
Manager " .

if I remove " Unlimited Data Manager " and reboot the system, it
still does not work.
However, if I re-install our CoNDIS driver after rebooting, it then
Is this Microsoft's driver installation bug? What do you think?

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