INF Handle Error

INF Handle Error

Post by siasia » Mon, 07 Jun 2004 07:03:30

I upgraded my current installation of Windows XP Pro after
I was prompted to do so; I was uninstalling an old
software and a Dialog Box appeared saying that some
outdated system files need to be replaced, so to re-
install Windows XP Pro. I chose to upgrade it instead of
doing a clean re-install.

The problem is during the installation, I got a Error
Dialog Box that appeared with the heading: "Advanced INF
Installer. Its message read: "INF install failure. The
handle is invalid." Then the re-installation continued
with no problems.

Now, however, I can not access the Internet. When using
the Newtworking Wizard, the top two choices are greyed
out. Also, My System Restore seems to have vanished; I
cannot access it. What should I do???? Everything else is
working fine. I have tried to install twice and each time
the same thing happened. Can the XP Recovery Module help
me? How?

I am running an 850 mHZ PC. Windows XP is installed to my
Main C: drive. (Formerly I had Windows ME installed.) I
would apreciate any advice you may have. Thanks.

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