New Driver in Windows XP Update not working properly...

New Driver in Windows XP Update not working properly...

Post by Jimm » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:34:18

I have Windows XP H.E. with just about all updates into
it on a Dell Dimension 8200. The driver I'm referring to
is the Integrated Digital Audio for SoundMax. Its version
release date is May 28, 2002. My original driver shipped
with the Dell just last December is SoundMax Integrated
Digital Audio, ver., dated 7/25/01. I also
have Dazzle DVCII PCI with MovieStar version 4.24. This
set up requires the VCRs out audio to the "In Line"
device of the PC for analog capture.

Now after applying the above mentioned update, the "In
Line" device gets knocked out and I don't receive audio
in both speakers as before when using Dazzle/MovieStar to
capture audio/video from the VHS. And yes it continues on
to only have mono in the DVDit software suite at
playback. I reverted to the original driver and don't
have any problems. This was done a couple of times also
and with the same recurring results.

There is something missing or wrong with that update. I
have let Dell know about it, they have a similar drive,
SoundMax and Dazzle. Dazzle says no way is from them and
I have not heard back from the others. MS, take it back
to the chalk board, something's wrong... Please e-mail me
and anybody that's had this problem, let me know.

Thank you