oem XP Pro question

oem XP Pro question

Post by Tekbo » Sun, 23 Jan 2005 00:38:10

That can be sort of grey there. If you have a mainboard failure, and you
are installing in the same computer, you may have to call Microsoft in
order to activate Windows again. I have done this on several occasions,
and they have never denied me the activation code.


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I hear that for XP Pro which I want to slipstream, the only CD with which there are no failures resulting from the slipstream is the
one with part number 0M150, at least for SP1 though I assume the same applies to SP2, while the others give that irritating VGA.SYS
error. I understand that there are hotfixes in the i386\svcpack directory on my CD with part number 6U814 and also in the $OEM$
directory, some IE updates. Does the 0M150 version lack both or what? Please help.

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