Problem installing MS Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer

Problem installing MS Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer

Post by Ross » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 01:30:17

HI can some please help me out...i'm running Windows Xp
with service pack 1 installed..i can not installl my MS
Wireless IntelliMouse does not find the
drivers and tunes this.. This device is not configured
correctly. (Code 1)

To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall

it is a usb mouse..i'm d/l service pack 1a to see if that
will sort out my problem..If any one can help me out
thankz in advance.

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I tried posting the below to but got no
replies so here goes in this group?

I had a MS Intellimouse Optical USB working with MS Intellipoint v4.01
on XP Pro. Then decided to buy the new MS Intellimouse Explorer with
Tilt Wheel which needs MS Intellipoint v5.0 installed.

Fine you all say, I thought the same. BUT.

Before using Intellipoint v4.01 I could scroll using the wheel in two
applications I use quite alot. These were Hummingbird Docs Open v3.9.0
and MapInfo Professional v7.0 build 26.

After installing Intellipoint v5.0 the wheel scrolling does not work
in these apps.?
No doubt many people have been down this path but I decided to post a
question about this to the Usenet instead of Microsoft Support due to
my total lack of faith that I would find anyone remotely interested in
MS Support.

What surprised me is before installing MS Intellipoint v4.01 the wheel
did not work in those apps. So have gone from no scroll to scroll back
to no scroll. Why does this happen?? Or should I really ask "What is
the meaning of life?"

Hope someone out there can give me some positive feedback?
Chris Brown

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