sentinel driver

sentinel driver

Post by davi » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 02:40:06

my comp crashes and restarts out of the blue, most of the
time when i'm playing music or watching videos. when it
reboots it gives the error pop up and i sent the error
report. comes back saying something about a sentinel
driver.Don't know which version of the driver to install
or even if i have to install it. Using xp pro. thanks for
the help.

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2. Anyone got SSH Sentinel working with Netscreen w/ Xauth ?

I have a preshared key IPSec VPN working between SSH Sentinel and
but I cant get Xauth to work to save my life.

I know it's nothing on the netscreen side as I have Xauth working w/
netscreen's own client.

Could the fact that I'm using a RADIUS server complicate things ?
I would figure the RADIUS jazz was just between the netscreen and the
server, and didn't really involve the client (except to get user:pass
via normal Xauth mechanism).

Anyhow, if anyone has Xauth working between these two lmk !


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