computer shutdown while installing USB Camera driver

computer shutdown while installing USB Camera driver

Post by Adna » Mon, 03 Nov 2003 20:08:12

my computer shuts down by it self.. while i m trying to
install the web cam... windows is XP pro.. this happen
after windows asks for digital driver verification and
the installation slider goes to almost half of the
process... then shuts down... :(

computer shutdown while installing USB Camera driver

Post by Michael Le » Sun, 09 Nov 2003 09:51:13

Most web cams should 'just work' when plugged into the computer.

But if you are using the software that came with the device, and that
software is not 'signed' - your computer will prompt you to decide if you
want to still install the driver or not. This means that the company that
made the camera did not apply or verify that their device works according
the Windows XP specifications. Once you press that button accepting the
consequences of your actions - i.e. you chose to install a driver on your
computer that may or may not mess up your Windows experience.

It sounds like this software is messing up with your Windows XP experience.
Verify you have the latest XP drivers for the device by visiting the camera
company's web site.

good luck!

Michael Leon
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team

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