Event Sink registration problem

Event Sink registration problem

Post by Steven Sca » Wed, 02 Nov 2005 01:38:03

good afternoon this may be in the wrong newsgroup but i couldn't find an
exchange 2003 newsgroup,

We are migrating from exchange 5.5 and when a email arrived in a public
folder it automatically emailed a distribution list. We need this
functionality in exchange 2003 we have been trying the following code in a
run prompt

"c:\OutlookHelpdesk\regevent.vbs" Add OnSave OHD305.AsyncEvents
"file://./backofficestorage/our domain/public folders/Insurance/Fax/"

but it doesnt do anything when an email arrives, also we would like to know
how to specify what distribution list the notification goes to.

If anyone could supply the right code or point me to a 3rd party tool that
is easy to set up and does it then i would be extremely grateful


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2. Categorizer event sink / routing event sink

I want to reroute all email from a particular group of internal users
through another (non-Exchange) server which will pre-process their
email before it's sent to its final recipient.

The best way I can see to do this (I've only just started learning
about the way Exchange works though) is:
- create a Categorizer event sink to look up the group membership of
the sender. - if they belong to the group I want to reroute emails from
then add some kind of attribute to the email.
- create a Routing event sink to reroute the email based on the
attribute set in the Categorizer event sink.

Is this the best way to do it? I can't find much info on creating
categorizer sinks (or routing sinks for that matter: what kind of info
do I have access to in a routing sink?)

-- Jordan

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