Need advice on organizinfg and cleaning up folders etc.

Need advice on organizinfg and cleaning up folders etc.

Post by camr » Tue, 26 Apr 2005 06:47:23

I was attempting to clean up my files and folders when I came across a
folder that had the same contents.

I have a files called C:\My received files and one called C:\documents
and settings\DM\My Documents\My received files. The contents are
exactly the same. I have no idea why this folder is repeated and
others are not in the documents and settings folder. All my Eudora
e-mail attachments go there.

Are there certain default folders that are automatically set up when
Windows XP is initially installed? I suspect these are the files that
begin with the letters "MY" . Should I be using these as a default for
the various programs that produce new files or downloads as a result?

I also have the same 2 subfolders as My music but the contents are
different. I may have set one up myself though.

I need help in trying to organize my folders correctly as it seems
windows has designed many folders to be easily accessed.

Can someone help and advice?



Need advice on organizinfg and cleaning up folders etc.

Post by Kell » Tue, 26 Apr 2005 14:59:21

1. Check with Eudora and/or change the folder path.
2. Yes and they are located here for the most part: Start/Run/Regedit:

Shell Folders


Shell Folders


3. That may have to do with the default settings per your download (music)
manager, etc.
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All the Best,
Kelly (MS-MVP)

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