Netowrking problem between Win98 and WinXPPro

Netowrking problem between Win98 and WinXPPro

Post by Daniel Rud » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:32:22


I have a computer running Windows XP Professional that has multiple disk
resources shared on a LAN. NetBIOS is turned on, file and printer
sharing is turned on, and I am not running any firewalls. The problem
is that from the WinXP machine, I can access the fileshares on the Win98
box. But, if I try to access the WinXP shares from the Win98 box, I get
a error that states '\\Name is not available. This device does not
exist on the network.' even though the WinXP machine shows up in Win98's
network neighboorhood. This was a intermitent problem and I would just
reboot the Win98 machine until it would talk to the WinXP machine. Now,
no matter how many times that I reboot the Win98 machine, it flat
refuses to talk to the WinXP machine. I have basic IP connectivity as I
can ping between the two computers. In fact, from the Win98 machine, I
can telnet into the WinXP machine. I have DHCP services available and
name resolution is provided by a DNS server that is on the local subnet
running on a computer using the Unix platform. Both machines can access
the internet just fine. What is going on?

Daniel Rudy

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