Non-English programs in English XP

Non-English programs in English XP

Post by RGFuZ2VyIE » Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:54:32

i have two questions:

1) Would a copy of Japanese MS Office or MS Word install and work fine on a
computer that was using an English version of Windows XP? Are they
compatible? I don`t mean changing english Word to Japanese Word, I mean an
actual official Japanese copy of MS Office on an official English version of

2) I have read a little bit about it but I need a more conclusive anwser to
the question of non-ENglish programs working on an English copy of Windows
XP. Assuming the relevant language packs are installed in Windows and the
settings are to run non-Unicode programs in Japanese, then will they work?
For example, a translation program? Does it only work sometimes, does XP find
it impossible to to install and run programs not written in English?