Not possible to reinstall Windows

Not possible to reinstall Windows

Post by Jim » Fri, 26 May 2006 03:25:06

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I apologize for cross posting this here and in the network-web group, but I
don seem to be getting any responses.

My network setup in one computer is messed up. It has a 3 year history and I
want to start over without a complete reinstallation of XP and SP2. I think
there are old adapter settings left over from past adapters and interfering,
for one thing.

Fo example, I can't set it up to "receive a connection"--it just hangs when
start the process. And, as noted below in another post, my dialup doesn't
work at all, although the error messages have changed.

Is there anything I can delete in the registry--say, the Parameters under
TCPIP or under Networks, that will tell Windows to start over from
scratch and rebuild everything? I've tried the Winsock and TCPIP re-installs
from Microsoft but they don't do anything.

When I migated the HD to a new MB 4 months ago by doing a "repair XP
installation" it worked but I was told that a few months down the line
strange things would start to crop up because of the leftover drivers, etc.,
from the old hardware. I guess they were right.

The rest of the system works OK, fortunately.


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