Post by heweave » Fri, 01 Oct 2004 04:58:13

I have read dozens of threads containing similar questions. Let me
explain what I did, and what my system is now doing.

I only have one user account (my own) besides the disabled guest
account, and the hidden admin and hidden asp.net account. For over
two years, my system was fine. It always went back to the welcome
screen when the screen saver kicks in and I just click my name, type
my password, and am back in.

ALL I did was changed my screen saver settings to not kick in for 45
minutes (so that when I am burning a DVD or CD, the disc has time to
complete before the screen saver kicks in).

After I did so, when my computer screen saver kicks in, when I go to
log back in, it brings up the classic 2k looking UNLOCK screen. I
went back to the screen saver settings and reset them back to the
default, but no luck.

Since this has happened, I noticed 2 things. My screen saver settings
now display ON RESUME, PASSWORD PROTECT instead of the ON RESUME,
DISPLAY WELCOME SCREEN. Also, about half the time I am on my home PC,
its tunneled in to it from work via REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION.
Previously, when I would minimize my connection and work locally here
at work, if the screen saver at home had time to come on, when I click
to maximize my home PC, I could tell that the screen saver was
running, and it would immediately refresh and bring me back to my
desktop (assuming that since it was set to ON RESUME, DISPLAY WELCOME
SCREEN and since that would not be a possible thing connected via RDC,
it just turned the screen saver off and I was ready to work.

Now, when I am tunneled in, when the screen saver comes on and I go
back to my home computer session, it brings up the UNLOCK PC prompt
and requires me to logon.

Everything I have read about this says that the reason it is doing
this is because I only have one user account setup. But I ran for
almost 2 years with it set this way and no problems like this have
ever occurred. (Although I have never been required to change any of
my screen saver settings, so I think that has something to do with

I have read posts after posts and microsoft people suggest to go to
the registry and change or edit some registry settings (no luck) and
also download a tweak from kelley's corner but that didn't help
either. (There were only 3 registry changes in the .REG file, and all
it seemed to do was make the option to change the ON DISPLAY PASSWORD
PROTECT field greyed out and I just had to undo those changes...but
still it is not doing what it should be doing.

I don't want anyone to give me "guesses" or "things to try"... I
simply want someone with knowledge of this issue (who knows EXACTLY
what I am talking about) to reply and give me the SOLUTION of exactly
what to do...