Sharing issues. Please help.

Sharing issues. Please help.

Post by Paul Rhya » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 15:45:09


I have searched through several posts and have not seen an answer to this

I am running Windows XP Pro on both computers. I am running the computers
through a Linksys router but I have also run them via a crossover cable.
The computers are almost exactly the same. Same mainboard, same NIC, same
processor. Both PCs only have one user account each that is set to

The problem I am having is with sharing sub-folders. Right now computer 'A'
has an extra hard drive for storing any programs, files & whatever else I
grab off the internet. I have set sharing to share the entire drive and
checked the box to allow other users to change files. If I go to computer
'B' I can see 'A', I can click on the shared drive and see the root and all
it's contents. However, if I try to go into a subdirectory (from 'B' to the
'A') I get an error that says that I don't have permission to access this
folder, check with the administrator... blah, blah, blah. If I go back to
the 'A' computer into the MP3 directory and turn sharing on and allow users
to change files then go back to the 'B' computer I can now open the MP3
directory but I can't open any of the subs in that directory.

Isn't there an easier way to share a folder and ALL the subs in that folder
with out having to set sharing in all the subs manually? I have checked all
of the places I could think of looking for some kind of checkbox to select
or parameter to change but I can't see anything.

Also, I have gone to the 'A' computer and right clicked on any folder, went
to properties and changed the folder's attributes and turned OFF the 'Read
Only' attribute then clicked 'OK'. But, when I go right back to that
folder's properties the 'Read Only' is still on. What gives? Does this
really matter?



Sharing issues. Please help.

Post by GSV Three » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 22:23:34

Bitstring < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >, from the wonderful
person Paul Rhyan < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > said

You appear to have overlooked the inheritance of permissions, and what
they apply to. On the security tab for the share, click 'advanced', and
make sure that the permission applies to folder, subfolders, and files.
If not, change it (there is a drop down menu).

'read only' on a folder in WinXP is meaningless. Ignore it.

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