Strange XP Home & Simple File Sharing Problem

Strange XP Home & Simple File Sharing Problem

Post by Dick Sutto » Fri, 14 Oct 2005 23:54:34

I have a very curious problem in using 'Simple File Sharing' on Windows XP
Home systems. I have a small office LAN of 5 computers, each running XP
Home and connected using SFS. Periodically, I logon to each machine (as an
admin) and run a VBS script to collect/compress selected files and place
this zipped file in a 'networked shared' location (a folder under Shared
Documents on each machine). I then collect these files from each machine by
using another script at another machine and burn them to a CD.

This scripted procedure works for all machines except one. On that machine,
I get an 'access denied' error when I attempt to copy it to the 'mother'

I have discovered a way to get around the problem. If I go to the affected
users machine and select the folder in question, then turn off sharing of
that folder (via the right-click menu) and then turn sharing back on. Now
the process works correctly.

I use the same script on each machine to collect/compress the selected
files. Therefore, each machine has the same actions performed on it. Only
the one machine has problems (which I can circumvent as described above).

Because XP Home uses SFS, all network access is performed using the guest
account. I don't see why one machine fails. Does anyone have any ideas on
what is wrong?

As a further note, all machines are identical workstations: same make and

Really stumped...


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Recently (everything has been fine until a few weeks ago) I've started to
have this problem with two XP Home computers running through a router and
with McAfee Personal Firewall on both PCs.

The problem is, when placing files in some sub-folders in the shared
documents on one computer, they have 'disappeared' on the other computer.
It's the same case if the other computer places a file in a sub-folder of its
shared documents. The strange thing is, is that this is only happening with
some sub-folders (though recreating them has no effect). Though the files are
guaranteed to appear on the other computer if they are placed in the root of
the shared documents folder.

So what's going on?


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