unable to share wired internet connection wirelessly via ad hoc co

unable to share wired internet connection wirelessly via ad hoc co

Post by QW5kcmV3IE » Fri, 17 Jul 2009 12:41:01

Open internet connections,R.click on the hardware youre trying to use,open,
properties,edit thru all the properties buttons & windows edit as needed..
With D-Link wireless,the connection properties was about 4-5 windows from
the start,you need the right numbers to set for a connection.

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I have finally gotten all my PPC's to connect and sync to my laptop using
wi-fi connections. The thing I can't do is get the Activesync internet pass
through to work. So I've pretty much abandoned the idea. But instead will
seek another solution.

Anyone know of a package or method that allows the sharing of a dial-up
connection via a network? I checked out Sygate home network but the client
software isn't intended for PPC's. My laptop is running 98se. How is
everyone else sharing a dial-up connection? If I had broadband, it would be
easy. But I don't..... :(

Thanks for any help,

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