Unprotecting a "Project"

Unprotecting a "Project"

Post by Malk » Sat, 06 Mar 2004 02:25:06

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I've created a reasonably simple form using plain old text form fields
and check box form fields. The document has been protected. Over the
last few months, I've unprotected it on many occasions to make
modications per user requests and then locked it again.

I now want to unlock it and leave it unlocked. I can click on Tools
-->Unprotect Document. I enter the password and it's now successfully
unprotected. I can save it and then close it. I am not prompted for
any protection or password upon saving and closing, so it should still
be unprotected. Right?

However, when I open it again, it's still protected and I have to
select Tools-->Unprotect Document and enter the (same) password to
unprotect it.

Save and close....cycle repeats over and over.

Any ideas why the unprotect won't "stick"?


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