WIN XP SP2 active X controls, plug ins, add ins, downloading software

WIN XP SP2 active X controls, plug ins, add ins, downloading software

Post by Terri Bent » Sat, 02 Oct 2004 23:45:19

I have tried to send the following to MS support four
times. Their incident submission page even has an active X
control warning....grrrrr! Can't get the incident
submission to collect my pc data or send the report. I
have also posted this on XP security newsgroup. If anyone
can help me with the following I sure would appreciate

Had smooth install of SP2. Having big issues with security
and cannot find answers anywhere on Microsoft and getting
really frustrated. Used all resources on MS and no help.
I need to enable add -ons, plug ins and Active X controls
for many functions I use on many web sites regardless of
security issues. Could not get even Office update to work
and Office discussion page tells me I need Active X
control (not on info bar..on page itself in large blue
letters) to use discussion group (!!).

Used add on management and all add ons that are in use or
have been in use on IE 6 say 'enabled' but are not
working. I especially need any showing Active X or Java.
I tried to update each item on both lists; some updated,
some said no update available but still won't work. I did
some checking/unchecking on internet security options
for active X (there are so many) but still not working. I
even enabled everything in security but nothing changed.

Here are some issues and I need to know how to fix them

I use XP SP2 pop up control and my own firewall with
latest version of Trend Pc Cillin Internet security/ virus
protection. XP firewall disabled.

1. Office and Windows Updates start to search my system
and tell me 'The Office Update Catalog cannot be
displayed -
The Office Update site is currently experiencing some
technical difficulties and is unable to check for
updates'. I try day after day but neither will work.
Windows Update search just keeps running with no results.
2. Cannot print coupons on line such as on Says they have printed but haven't and
nothing wrong with printer functions (I tested). There is
a plug-in per airwick site help and says I need but I get
no security error on info bar except pop up and I tempy
disabled it but still nothing prints. On
(which I have used for years)...when I go to download the
coupon print manager which is harmless software it tells
me to use the info bar to allow the download of Active X
but there is NO info bar coming up. This is ridiculous.
Printing coupons using their software is just fine with me
so why can't I?
3.When the info bar does come on some sites and tells me
about active X controls and I go to options there is only
info on this and no way to enable the controls even tempy
like you can with pop ups. Sometimes the info bar
disappears before I can even click on options.

Bottom line is that I need to enable Active X and Java to
see/print,etc regardless of SP2 security. I need to be
able to use add ons and plugs in at my discretion. I know
I am not alone so not sure why your web site does not
directly address how to do this.

HELP PLEASE. This is driving me nuts. Even your incident
submission page says it requires Active X controls to
display...JEEEZ. Have tried to submit this four times.
Won't collect data on my computer nor sent this to you.
Guess it needs active X to do that too. This is crazy.


WIN XP SP2 active X controls, plug ins, add ins, downloading software

Post by Bob » Sun, 03 Oct 2004 03:08:23

erri, there is a SP2 assistance phone number you can call for help
also this page lists post SP2 troubleshooting guides;[ln];xpsp2swhw

Terri Benton wrote:


WIN XP SP2 active X controls, plug ins, add ins, downloading software

Post by Alex Nicho » Sun, 03 Oct 2004 20:46:21

The security level set by default in IE has been tightened up. In
Internet Options - Security page, either move selected sites to the
Trusted Zone, or in Internet zone click Custom and adjust specific
settings (Don't try to set its Default to lower security; it won't let

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