No dial tone using Network (Dial-up) Connection

No dial tone using Network (Dial-up) Connection

Post by thoma » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 06:10:19

There is no dial tone (or dialing) when I attempt to go online with a
Network (Dial-Up) Connection. (A 633 error message appears.) I have been
through the Modem Troubleshooter, but everything seems to be in order.

The modem is enabled. Under Modem - Properties, Device Status says,"This
device is working properly"

The modem will dial and send faxes just fine. (I tested this again right
before posting.)

I am using a Dell Inspiron notebook with Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have
added no new hardware. The only things I did right before this problem (and
the 633 error) occurred were:

1) Use and configure the Fax Console for the first time and send a fax. (I
have since
disabled both the Send and Receive fax functions, in case the Fax Console
might be interfering.)

2) Scanned with Spybot (for the first time). Spybot found and fixed some
issues (Since I didn't have a printer hooked up to the Dell, I utilized the
Fax Console, in order to fax the Spybot report to myself.)

3) Scanned with AVG Anti-Rootkit Free (which found no installed rootkits).

Note: I had had a virus (Trojan horse Gerneric4.TB) that AVG would identify
and send to its Virus Vault. But each time I went online, but the virus file
would be recreated and have to be removed again - over and over. I
eventually went to the AVG forum which recommended downloading and running
both Spybot and the Anti-Root Kit. After doing so, the Trojan has not
returned and an AVG scan reports that the computer is virus free. But while
I had been able to dial-up and go online (even with the virus reappearing
and being removed each time), I have not been able to go online since.

Also of note: The Dell 1370 Internal Wireless icon now no longer appears in
the task bar, neither does my Zone Alarm firewall icon. AVG still functions
and scans, but it indicates that its "E-mail Scanner is not fully

(Fortunately, I have an old IBM with Windows 98 SE to use and post with
here :-.)

Thanks for any ideas.


No dial tone using Network (Dial-up) Connection

Post by bmFzc » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 06:36:01

"thomas" wrote:

Error 623: The system could not find the phone book entry for this connection.
The modem is not installed or configured for Dial-Up Networking. To check
your modem configuration, double click the Modems icon in Control Panel. This
issue can occur if the Telephon.ini file is missing or damaged. To resolve
this issue, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, point to Find, and then click
Files or Folders. 2. In the Named box, type "telephon.ini" (without quotation
marks), and then click Find Now. 3. Locate the telephone.ini file in the ISP
directory, right click it, click Rename, type "" (without
quotation marks), and then press ENTER. Then locate the telephone.ini file in
the windows directory, right click it, click Rename, type "telephon.yyy"
(without quotation marks), and then press ENTER. 4. Quit to Find tool, click
Start, click Run, type "tapiini.exe" (without quotation marks), and then
press ENTER. 5. Restart your computer.
Solution: Turn the modem on and/or reconnect it to the computer, and then
reboot the system. If you still receive the error message, click the Start
button, Settings, Control Panel, and double-click System. On the System
Properties dialog, click the Hardware Profiles tab and then Device Manager.
Right-click Modems and click Scan For Hardware Changes. Windows will search
for the modem. If it's connected properly, a message will display that the
modem has been found. You should now be able to dial out.

This error can be best remedied by:

-- A restart of your computer tends to resolve 50% of cases with this
error message
-- Disable any Firewall Software and try to connect again...
-- Recreate the Dial Up Connection
-- Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Modem. Details of this are
available for.

"Error 633 - the modem (or other connecting device) is already in use" error
message when you try to establish a VPN connection in Windows Server 2003

FIX: A program cannot re-establish communication with a modem device after
the USB cable is quickly reconnected


No dial tone using Network (Dial-up) Connection

Post by » Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:26:31

Try this: Open your 'Network Neighborhood' (sic) from your desktop. Open
'Network Connections'. Your modem should be present as one of the network
connections. Right click and select 'connect'. Check the phone number in
the page that opens plus any user name and password. Click OK. After the
usual delay while handshaking takes place, the blue network icon should
change to a slightly different green one.

Now open internet explorer (or whatever your chosen browser is) and see if
you can access the internet.

When you have finished, close your browser, right click on the green icon
and select 'disconnect'.

Report Back.