cant disable offline folder in winxp pro

cant disable offline folder in winxp pro

Post by daniel.pen » Wed, 01 Feb 2006 03:19:36

My laptop users have a network share marked for syncing via offline
Every time I try and uncheck it via tools/syncronize, it appears
rechecked next time I view tools/syncronize.

The share is via a DFS share. The folder is the users HOME folder.
If I type the share path into RUN line, I can see the users folder,
with a sync symbol on icon. But the folder has no "Make available
offline option".

I have reviewed group policies, but cannot find any specific entries
to sync this folder.
Perhaps there is an implied sync if the used is set to be the users
Home folder?

I can't seem to find the share name in the registry anywhere to hack it

Any help appreciated.

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I cannot seem to allow access to shared folders from a WinXP Pro machine. Here is my configuration:

Peep to Peer "Workgroup"

Computer A. XP Pro
Guest Account: Disabled
Local Security Access Policy | Network Access | Sharing and Security Model: Classic - Local Users
authenticate as themselves.

Computer B. Same setup as Computer A.

Basically, I share a folder in Computer A and allow full access to Everyone

From Computer B, Using a UserName/Password combo that is the same as that on Computer A I can
browse to my list of computers. Upon Clicking Computer A, I see a list of all the shares. Upon
clicking the Share I want access to, I am presented with a login dialog, I try the same
username/password combo, however, the same dialog continues to popup as though I've entered an
invalid username/combo.

incidentally, I can click into shared printers, Scheduled Tasks and a directory under IIS (although
I can't see files here).

Any suggestions?

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