CD-Rom memory effect

CD-Rom memory effect

Post by Nathan Hai » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 18:37:47

i have been having the following problem for a while now, but it is starting
to really annoy me!

if i boot my computer into winxp and there is a cd in the cd drive, whenever
i try to access the drive after ejecting the this cd and replacing it with
another, i only see the contents of the cd that were in the drive at boot
up! Also the cd's name persist if their is no cd in the drive or there is a
different cd in the drive.

Does anyone else have this problem, or know if it is a problem with winxp of
some other software?

Here are my system details (those i think could be at fault):

WinXp Pro service pack 1
LiteOn CD-RW (Lite-On LTR-48125S)
Using InCD v3.33
CloneCD v4.0.1.10


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Well, I got a CD-ROM disk from an individual, who created ("burned") the
CD from her (workstation, I assume) computer from her business's
network. My current Warp 4, FP #15, DDK #2, Latest IDEDASD.EXE files
(OS2CDROM), updated CDFS.IFS, DANIS506, DANIATAPI.FLT etc., and can not
read the CD at all. And if the CD is in the IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM Drive as
OS/2 is booting, OS/2 is unable to boot-up.

I can read all other CDs that I have bought or received, including with
Long File Names (LFN).

My CONFIG.SYS file contains these pertinent lines:

" rem IBM1S506.ADD /A:0 /A:1 /!BM

This setup has worked okay for many months.

The bad news is that a 32-bit Windows user reports to me that the CD is
readable/usable on his PC.

My Software Choice subscription has run-off. Time to buy again to be
able to read this?

Is this some new ISO CD standard? A Microsoft proprietary standard? They
CD itself does state on its label that it is a CD-R , with 700MB of
space (according to the manufacturer). It is not a DVD-style CD, I'm



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