Documents made in Word 2000 display changes in word 2003

Documents made in Word 2000 display changes in word 2003

Post by Tony Lisan » Wed, 01 Nov 2006 11:53:08

I've had a weird error where a document made in word 2000, when opened
in word 2003 will display the track changes at random. Re-opening the
document in 2000, and it will appear normal. I haven't been able to
find anything on this on the knowledge base. Any ideas?


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I am working on a project to convert 15 Word 2003 templates to Word 2007. I
know that the custom toolbar for each template is now accessible from the
Add-Ins tab. Editing the macros is working fine but how can I edit the icons
to add, delete, or modify the custom toolbar? Some items need to be removed
and client wants a new option/icon.

BTW, each template needs to stand alone because the templates are
distributed via the company Intranet; users then save as needed.

Thanks in advance,

Dawn B.

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