English AND Chinese Handwriting recognition in Office-2003 (ENGLISH) WinXP (ENGLISH)

English AND Chinese Handwriting recognition in Office-2003 (ENGLISH) WinXP (ENGLISH)

Post by saulo86 » Thu, 27 May 2004 04:52:12

Is it possible to have English AND Chinese Handwriting recognition in
the same system? My system is ENGLISH WINXP + ENGLISH OFFICE-2003

I recently bought a USB HanWang Pen for handwriting.

I run WinXP SP2 English

Office 2003 English

I can use HanWang Pen for Handwriting in English and Microsoft Office
Handwriting recognition is very good.

But what about Chinese Handwriting recognition?

I have tried to install Chinese Handwriting on my system, following
Office-2003 online help: the results is thay I can only get DRAWING
PAD (with which you can draw maps and pictures, but NO chinese
character's recognition).

button is always greyed)

English language bar has all of them:

DRAWING PAD (for pictures)

WRITING PAD (for English characters recognition)

WRITE ANYWHERE PAD (for English characters recognition)

but when I switch to Chinese language bar I only get DRAWING PAD (for

Thanks and waiting

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Hi community,
I like this forum very much - I got many valuable insights from it. In
the past I had an English Excel installation at the office available,
recently my employer moved to the German version and deinstalled the
english one.
Now, when i use a english command like =VLOOKUP(A1,'Sheet 2'!
A1:H200,8,FALSE) adopting the country settings for "," with ";" Excel
comes up with #NAME? since I used the english term, not the german one
- but sometimes the german equivalent is not at hand as fast as
needed ;-)

However if a open a english coined workbook of a US/UK colleague with
a built-in commands in English, the german Excel instllation is able
to translate.
So, is there a kind of Addin or multi-language extension available to
use english and non-english built-in commands in a non-English
installation simultaneously?

Thks for any help, have a great day

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