f8 & safe mode

f8 & safe mode

Post by jimb » Fri, 16 Jul 2004 17:55:24

pressing f8 during startup is not giving me the options
I need (safe mode, last known good configuration, etc).
it produces a blue screen asking me to
Please Select Boot Device and gives me the options of DVD-
RW drive, floppy drive or PM-WDC WD1200BB-98DWA0

f8 & safe mode

Post by Rick "Nutc » Fri, 16 Jul 2004 19:48:13


You're hitting F8 too early. That is your system's BIOS asking what boot
device to load (floppy, CD/DVD, or hard drive). Wait until the POST is
completed, then tap the F8 key just as Windows begins to load to get the
safe mode option.

Best of Luck,

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f8 & safe mode

Post by jimb » Sat, 17 Jul 2004 08:33:17

thanks for the assistance. have found safe mode thanks
to your help.
asking what boot
until the POST is
load to get the


f8 & safe mode

Post by Alex Nicho » Sat, 17 Jul 2004 20:45:40

You are doing it too early: the makers of the machine have (foolishly)
used it for a boot option setting of their own. It may be hard to find
the correct point, after the BIOS has finished and any info goes black,
but well before the Windows flag appears (as soon as you here activity
on the Hard disk).

If you can't identify that moment, an alternative way to get Safe Mode
is to run MSConfig and on its Boot.ini page check /SAFEBOOT

Once in Safe mode, you will need to run it again and uncheck for a
return to normal mode.

At the same place, SAFEMODE (alternate shell) is equivalent to 'Safe
Mode - Command Promp't, and /BASEVIDEO to 'Enable VGA'

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