Found a bug in XP- Windows Explorer loses Status bar & Control Panel loses view settings.

Found a bug in XP- Windows Explorer loses Status bar & Control Panel loses view settings.

Post by Julian Mil » Sat, 08 May 2004 09:04:53

Bug Report #1:

Affects WinXP, WinXP SP1, W2003 Server
I found this bug by following the following steps:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Click Tools\Folder Options. In the General tab, click on:
* Use Windows classic folders
* Open each folder in its own window
3. Goto to View tab. Activate the following:
* All options which start with "Display....." but not the option
"Display simple folder view in Explorer's Folder list"
* Show hidden files and folders
* Remember each folder's view settings
* Restore previous folder windows at logon
* Show Control Panel in My Computer
4. Deactivate the following options:
* Hide protected operating system files
* Display simple folder view in Explorer's folder list
5. Apply & OK those settings.

You should now notice that if you open a window, when you try to drag down
or up the bottom of the window, the cursor changes to the up/down arrow
about 5mm from the bottom edge of the window. IE. drag your mouse so to
approach the very bottom edge of the window in question. The cursor should
have the image of an arrow as you do this. As the mouse "touches" the bottom
edge of the window, it changes to the up/down cursor and drops down 5mm FROM

Also, if you open Windows Explorer in Full Screen, and goto Control Panel
in the folders pane, then open Control Panel from the Start menu, it too
opens in Full Screen.

I like to display all folders in Detail view, so in Windows Explorer, I
open a folder to view its files. I then click View\Details. I also want this
to be the default for all folders in Explorer, so I choose Tools\Folder
Options, click on the View tab, click the "Apply to All Folders". Sometimes,
it will display all the icons in Control Panel in Detail view. If you change
the Control Panel view to Icons, you will find that the Control Panel icons
view reverts to Detail view again- and this was replicated on many XP

I've also noticed that randomly, folders I visit in Windows Explorer have
different views. Eg. A folder I clicked on yesterday which was in Details
view, today would show in Icon view. It seems to be totally random.

Can the problem be replicated?
Yes. I replicated the same problem on a brand new Windows 2003 Server.


Julian Milano