Gravity newsreader ( Please recommend a good newsreader?)

Gravity newsreader ( Please recommend a good newsreader?)

Post by Stan Brow » Wed, 28 Sep 2005 02:28:23

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I cannot, alas, correct your assumption because it's correct. Gravity
does have a single configuration and newsgroup database. It may have
been written in the days of NT but it seems to have been designed for
95 or 98.

I have been a paid, registered user for many years and was very happy
with the product under Win 98. When I moved Gravity 2.6 to XP it went
all squirrely: settings were not retained (or retained but not
honored), spell check complained about every single word, etc.

Gravity 2.7 doesn't seem to have those same problems. I installed it
as administrator and use it as limited user. It still has the single-
database issue, but everything works. Gravity 2.7's spell checker is
not as good as 2.6's, but otherwise I recommend it; and as you'll see
from my headers it's what I use.

You can download this (now) free and product at

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