Help Please Network Question - I am going crazy

Help Please Network Question - I am going crazy

Post by Brian A » Tue, 06 Dec 2005 15:44:06

Noones ever survived that, you're best off tossing whatever caused the stress.

Who's tech support, your ISP's, Netgears or both?
Have you gone into the routers setup and configured it?
Have you checked the Network settings on each machine to make sure the proper
components/protocol are installed/configured?
Does your ISP assign a Static or Dynamic IP?
Have you shut down any machines connected to the router, shut down the router
and then the modem, restart the modem, then the router and finally the

What all have you attempted to resolve the issue?
What's the make Make/Model of the router?

Not necessarily correct. The router may be configured for the protocols of
the laptop and not the other machines.

That means there is no communication between the router and the machine/s.


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