Keyboard & Mouse Frozen - System Frozen

Keyboard & Mouse Frozen - System Frozen

Post by Umlja0xhd » Thu, 02 Feb 2006 13:16:26

I have a new Dell w/ a Pentium D dual core processor about a week old. It's
now crashed. The system boots up Windows XP Media Edition starts fine. Then
it freezes when Webroot Spy Sweeper loads and has an error mesage regarding a
problem last time it closed. Dell rep had me boot up do an F12 key and
perform a "Express Test". Then we tried the F8 key on the next reboot and
restored last known good configruation. That didn't work. He suggested
reinstalling Windows. Great but I'll lose all more programs. Any

I'm a basic user, no technical savy

Keyboard & Mouse Frozen - System Frozen

Post by Rock » Thu, 02 Feb 2006 14:48:20

Can you boot into safe mode? Reboot the computer, tap the F8 key when
the BIOS disappears and choose safe mode. If that works uninstall
Webroot Spy Sweeper. Then do a system restore to a date when the system
ran ok. To run system restore click Start | All Programs | Accessories
| System Tools | System Restore. See if that helps. If that doesn't
work but you can get into safe mode do some clean boot troubleshooting
to see what is loading that's causing the problem.

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Keyboard & Mouse Frozen - System Frozen

Post by Umlja0xhd » Sat, 04 Feb 2006 20:30:09

Rock - thank you. When I go into the safe mode the keyboard and the mouse
still will not work. I'm able to start the system, enter F8, select the safe
mode with the keyboard, it boots up but then I can not log on, the keyboard
and mouse won't work.