HD thinks it's full, but it's not?

HD thinks it's full, but it's not?

Post by Kevin » Sun, 14 Sep 2003 06:53:38

My HD space keeps magically filling up all by itself. I'm
running Windows XP Professional.

My main drive is 80GB, plus I have a 20GB slave. The 80G
is only 6-months old.

A message pops up saying I only had 2G left. It didn't
make sense, so I tried adding up all my folders and it
didn't seem to add up.

I deleted a few old folders anyway, maybe just a couple
of gigs total. Rebooted. Then it says I have 40G free. I
spend 1-hour online, download a couple of small files,
then magically I go from having 40G free to having only
12G free. Even if I tried, I don't think I could download
28G of stuff in 1-hour on a cable modem.

I defragged the night before. I ran Ad Aware and Spybot.
Found a few things with each and deleted them.

I scanned all files for viruses. Nothing. I have the
latest update of McAfee Anti-Virus and Personal Firewall.
I checked my firewall about a month ago on a web site
that said all my ports are stealth.

Can anyone help me solve this mystery?

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Thanks to all who replied. I "fixed" it by restoring from a SuperDuper

I have no idea what caused the event, and I have no idea where the
excess files were hidden. sudo du -sh ~/* didn't show anything unusual
(I compared the directory sizes on the affected drive with the those on
the unaffected external drive). I'm beginning to suspect that a corrupt
database caused the system to _think_ that the drive was full. OTOH,
repeated runnings of Disk Warrior and Disk Utility failed to turn up

As I was researching this I turned up an old bit of information about
Photoshop 7 causing such a problem. The front application at the time
of the incident was PS CS3. Perhaps the bug is merely sleeping and some
odd chain of events woke it up? Like Mothra.

Thanks again,


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