Sound Problems on Intel D865GBF

Sound Problems on Intel D865GBF

Post by Jared MacD » Mon, 13 Dec 2004 17:33:42

I am using the standard SoundMAX 4 XL with AudioESP audio subsystem using
the Analog Devices AD1985 codec that came equipped with this mobo.

After having done this, I achieve little sound. I am using my old HP Polk
speakers for sound. When I turn up the volume all the way, I can barely hear
the sound.

Anyone know what I should do next?

Sound Problems on Intel D865GBF

Post by Newbiu » Sat, 18 Dec 2004 04:20:36

Ironically, I've just installed XP on this board and have precisely th
same problem. I see you are using two old speakers. Are they amplified
Mine are not. They worked well with my sound card in another machine
but with this board and its on board card they produce very littl
sound. I think you and I are probably dealing with an amplificatio
issue. I am about to plug in a few amped speakers and will report wha
I find.

I am also downloading the latest drivers from Intel, though afte
reading your post I do not think this will help much.

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