Help need with monitor issues ( error code 10, hardware issues)

Help need with monitor issues ( error code 10, hardware issues)

Post by em9lcGlnbG » Wed, 20 Jun 2007 21:03:13

HI i'm trying to use an older style monitor with my computer as it is
touchscreen enabled for our disabled child.

I have tried simply setting it up by connecting the VGA cable to the comm
port that had my regular monitor attached..........when i do this i get a
blank screen on the monitor, the only thing that works is the screen menu
function to change screen dimensions, it doesn't have the usual desktop
screen...just blank.

If you power up the monitor with no cables connected to comp then you get a
picture, square grid that flashes black and white.

When the touchscreen monitor is connected to comp you can even use it as a
touch screen in that when you touch the screen it seems to activate something
in the desktop cos you hear it beeping.

I can attach the touch screen cable to the seriel port and attach my regular
monitor to the VGA and actually use the other screen as a mouse.......but i
cant get the other monitor to work.

I need to get the one monitor that has the touch screen working.

With me so far?

When i try to get the touch screen monitor working alongside the regular one
to check in device manager what is happening it comes up with a error code

I have tried to install new drivers but none are found.....

The guy who sold me the touchscreen said to change the video card settings
to 800x600 pixels as the screen resolution may be too big for the
touchscreen.......have tried doing this in display settings but to no avail.

I would use the troubleshoot function but it appears to be dead on my
comp.........doesn't open.

I just want to be able to plug the new monitor in and use it as a full
touchscreen monitor....

have tried un-installing, re-starting and nothing happens, still a blank
screen unless you go into the monitors menu and all you can do then is change
the colour, size etc does not show any usual desktop icons etc.nothing

Touch screen monitor is a NEC multisync V721
Comp is NEC powermate, windows XP, regular screen is LG flat screen.

Any help would be great, we'll finally be able to show our daughter how to



Help need with monitor issues ( error code 10, hardware issues)

Post by Paul » Wed, 20 Jun 2007 23:08:56

oepiglet wrote:

If you set the resolution to 800x600 on the existing display, then plug the
touchscreen into that video connector, does that work ?

When you get the code 10 in Device Manager - where does it show up ?

To find examples of what the control panels might look like, it would help
to know which model of NEC powermate this is. There are a ton of different
model numbers. And using utilities to list the hardware in the box, is better
than someone here trying to figure it out with web searches.

There is an article here, showing a couple of tricks. The Display control
panel would show two monitors, if both had been detected, and both hardware
and software supported two displays. In the picture here, one of the displays
is greyed out.

These utilities will give you some info about the hardware inside the computer.
CPUZ will help identify the motherboard and motherboard chipset. The other
two may be able to help with cards that are plugged in, such as what kind
of video card this is. The Display Manager in Windows can also give
some info. (Everest - Devices:PCI will show a lot of hardware - it includes
my AGP video card.) (Sandra Lite) (Everest) (CPUZ)

To give an example, I can look in my Device Manager. I see

Display adapters
Radeon 9800 Pro
Radeon 9800 Pro - Secondary

Those correspond to the ability to drive two monitor connectors off the
same faceplate on the video card. If I do "Properties" on those two, the
same drivers are used for both of them.

Some video devices have nice manuals, and some don't. But knowing a bit
more about your machine, may make it easier to dig up stuff to help.