Possable Solution to CERC SATA Raid 2S STOP error 0x0000007b RAID

Possable Solution to CERC SATA Raid 2S STOP error 0x0000007b RAID

Post by QW5kcmV3IE » Wed, 08 Mar 2006 14:21:27

Install a SATA RAID drive....Sorry but for RAID one needs 2 or more drives
to make a RAID configuration,you simply installed a SATA drive along with
a IDE drive....

Possable Solution to CERC SATA Raid 2S STOP error 0x0000007b RAID

Post by Network » Thu, 09 Mar 2006 04:15:18

don't think you've read or understood the issue here. I am completly
aware RAID1 requires 2 drives. Read at the bottom of the message you
will see I built the first SATA drive onto the Second SATA drive to
complete the RAID1 setup after my main issue was resolved.

The ISSUE and workaround to a type of problem was documented here for
others that come across this issue and will invoke some ideas into
solving their similar issues.. Posting it here will allow it to be
indexed in google groups and searchable on the internet as a

My issue discussed was
When you have a PC, that has a Motherboard with a SATA RAID option, but
not Enabled in the BIOS or not in use, and you are running your Windows
install from that SATA channel. Should you decide to setup a Mirror
RAID1 with 2 disks later on, if you turn on the RAID option in the BIOS
windows will crash with 0x0000007b stop error, so then how do you
install the RAID drivers into the O/S when you can't boot into windows
to Detect them, because the SATA drive is running from the SATA channel
that depends on the SATA RAID drivers. Typical suggestions I have
received from Dell and other research on the next was to Reload
windows, select F6 to load raid drivers. But I did not want to reload
windows. Lose all my setups and then have to reinstall everything,
Thats B.S. So if you follow the instructions in the orginal message of
the thread you will be able to set a SATA RAID1 mirror without
reloading your O/S.

With regards to the orgnial message.
To skip the process of imaging of drives to the IDE and back to the
SATA, I think another easier way would have been to go out and buy a
simple $30 PCI - SATA interface card that is pretty generic so that
windows already has the drivers. Plug that
in and connect up the SATA boot drive to this PCI card. Enable your
RAID chipset in the BIOS, and Boot through that PCI card, let it detect
and install/configure the drivers into the O/S and then switch your
SATA hardrive back the mainboards SATA channel that has the SATA RAID
feature. You should then be able to boot with the RAID chipset on in
the BIOS off the main SATA drive. You can then enter your RAID BIOS or
RAID Management software in the O/S and setup the RAID1 mirror to your
second SATA drive using the build option to preserve info on the
original disk.

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