Installing WinXP on RAID 0 array together with non-RAID disks

Installing WinXP on RAID 0 array together with non-RAID disks

Post by Annatji » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 04:31:49


I built a new system consisting among others of an Intel Bad Axe 2
motherboard and four HDD's - two WD 150GB Raptors and two WD 500GB
Caviars. I connected the four HDD's to the Intel Matrix RAID controller
as follows:

Channel 0 - Raptor
Channel 1 - Raptor
Channel 2 - Caviar
Channel 3 - Caviar

My setup was detected correctly by the BIOS. I then proceeded to setup
a RAID 0 array in the Intel Matrix RAID controller's BIOS by pressing
Ctrl+I during startup. I created a single RAID 0 array consisting of
the two Raptors. I left the two Caviars as non-RAID disks.

When I installed Windows XP Pro SP2 I partitioned the RAID volume as
drive C:\, the Caviar on Channel 2 as drive D:\, and the Caviar on
Channel 3 as drive E:\. However, when I selected to install Windows on
drive C:\, I received a message that Windows need to install some
installation files on drive D:\. Windows then formatted drive D:\ as
NTFS and then formatted drive C:\ as NTFS.

After installation Windows reported drive C:\ as being the 'Boot' drive
and drive D:\ being the 'System' drive. The problem is drive D:\ is
suppose to be a data drive and if I format drive C:\ in the future I
will lose my data on drive D:\ as it will automatically be formatted
along with drive C:\ as has happened first time around.

What did I do wrong? How can I prevent Windows from installing files to
the non-RAID drives during installation?


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Installing WinXP on RAID 0 array together with non-RAID disks

Post by QW5kcmV3IE » Tue, 20 Feb 2007 08:28:00

Well you messed up on installation procedures.Try removing any & all other
hds before you install xp.Install only to youre RAID set (will be C: as it
be by default),also press F6 option before the xp installation menu screen
xp cd.Select install xp,new copy,create partition,then xp formats &
installs auto,
delete any partition(s) first if they exist.Once xp is installed,add the
other drives
to the controller,intel matrix will add to the array.With that board you
should be
able to make a RAID 10 array with the other SATA drives,why did you get 2
diffrent size SATA drives......