Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer - Scrolling Problem

Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer - Scrolling Problem

Post by Mike » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 02:00:51

Just got a new wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 and the vertical scrolling
does not work. It either does not respond at all, which is the case 95% of
the time, or when it does respond, it's very jerky and the scrollbar will
keep jumping back up to the top as I'm scrolling down.

Everything else - horizontal scrolling, pointing, clicking, works
perfectly... the only problem is with vertical scrolling.

I have WinXP Pro and am using the USB version. Any advice?


Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer - Scrolling Problem

Post by Dennis Ste » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 05:31:07

XP here, using PS/2.

Same problem here. Pushing the wheel rarely works, whatever function
is assigned to the wheel button. Could be a driver problem of version
5.0 as it seems quite buggy and lacks some features the previous
version had (e.g. application specific setting ). Guess I will try to
return to the old driver.

Let's hope it's not a hardware problem of the horizontal scrolling
feature. I'm not quite satisfied with the haptics of the wheel button
anyway. :(