Prevent auto volume adjustment during sound capture and broadcasting.

Prevent auto volume adjustment during sound capture and broadcasting.

Post by George Val » Wed, 26 May 2004 17:52:01

My sound card is Creative Audio PCI 128.
It uses the default drivers that come with Windows XP.
When I use WM Encoder 9 or any other program (like sound forge) to
capture audio, the volume (recording) is automatically raised and
causes sound distortion. Volume Control slider is not moved, but the
volume is changed.
This will occur in the following situations:
Start Capture or Broadcast
Open the live stream with Media Player or Media Player web control.

This problem occurs on both of my XP pro and 2k3 Server installations.
This problem does not occur on Windows 95.

Apparently there is some part of Windows that thinks
"I am adjusting the microphone volume"
but it is adjusting the Line In. Maybe this is the speach recognition
feature, but I don't know what it is doing in background.

How can I find / stop / remove this stupid code that is causing the
distortion? I don't want any "smart" software that acts stupid and causes
problems. I can use Command Prompt, Regedit and other administration
if needed.

Note: If I open the Recording Control (Capture), then change the volume and
change it back, it will restore to normal operation with no distortion. But
should I do this every time???

George Valkov