Windows XP is hanging on Restarts since installing MS Patches.

Windows XP is hanging on Restarts since installing MS Patches.

Post by SR » Tue, 21 Oct 2003 03:46:29

Can anyone please help me with this one?,

Yesterday I rebuilt my Windows XP Home from scratch using the hidden
partition on my Packard ell desktop PC.

Among the reasons for this were that, when a piece of software was
installed, and a reboot required, then the PC would hang during the Restart
process. Even, to the extent that if I just did a Start>Turn Off
Computer>Restart, then the PC would shut down and hang - the only thing I
could do was to pull out the power lead, plug it back in and start up the PC
again. As a rule, the lights stay on but the monitor shuts itself off.

However, following the rebuild, everything seemed OK. I downloaded and
installed the XP Service Pack 1 (Express) - and no problem. I tested the
restart with and without reinstalling my software and no problem

This afternoon, the Automatic update downloaded pile of further patches.
These were installed and guess what happened when I was forced to Restart
the PC? Yes, it hung again.

Now, if I do a Start>Turn Off Computer>Restart the I am back the square one
with the *** problem and I am sure that having to unplug the power
supply each time doesn't do my PC much good.

Can anyone please help?

Many thanks.