The "Paste Special" option is not available.

The "Paste Special" option is not available.

Post by amltZXJpY » Wed, 28 Jan 2009 05:37:05

I want to link my My Music folder on drive C to a backup copy of it on my USB
hard drive, so that any changes I make in either folder will take place
dynamically in both folders and subfolders.

The Windows Help on my computer says the Paste Special command will do this
for files, not sure if this applies to folders and subfolders or not. But the
Paste Special option is not on the list when I right-click a file on my
Windows XP SP3 computer. Is this a feature that I can gain with a download
from Microsoft? Does anybody know if a dynamic link such as this can be

I've used a sync program (SyncToy 2.0) to make these folders equal, but
running it takes nearly an hour (at least it did the first time I ran it and
I haven't tried it a second time yet). It's not something I want to do if I
only have minor changes to make.

Assuming there is a way to do this, once the Paste Special file/folder
pairing has been made, what happens if the USB drive is absent. Would I still
be able to access and modify or play the original MY Music files that exist
on my C drive? And could I still use a sync program to make the folders equal
again after re-connecting the USB drive?

The "Paste Special" option is not available.

Post by Leonard Gr » Wed, 28 Jan 2009 06:03:38

You need synchronization software. Here is an example:

Microsoft Synctoy 2.0
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