Upside down screen???? (was: Upside down screen????)

Upside down screen???? (was: Upside down screen????)

Post by Sharon » Thu, 27 Jul 2006 02:08:43

Several display drivers offer the "rotate" option. Sounds like your screen
has been rotated 180 degrees. Try a right click on the desktop and select
properties to bring up display settings. Look around under Settings and
Settings>Advanced for the option to rotate the screen back to normal

NOTE: Often there are "hotkeys" associated with the rotate function. An
unsuspecting user pressing those hotkeys will be surprised by a rotated
screen. When you uncover the location of the rotation settings, you may
also find a setting that enables/disables the hotkeys. Adjust this to your

Sharon F
MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

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My cat lay along the lower end of my keyboard while the computer was on -
which turned the contents of the screen upside down!

Re-booting and shutting down have failed to solve the problem. I also tried
systems restore but that didn't work either, although I'm not sure if I was
using it correctly.

All the start-up data is the right way up, but everything goes upside down
from Windows "Welcome" onwards.

Can you suggest any key combination that might fix the problem? Or anything
else? What combination of keys might the cat have pressed to cause this?

Any answers, tips or ideas would be much appreciated.

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