the date and time function always shows am.

the date and time function always shows am.

Post by cmhvbmF0aG » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 08:41:07

the date and time function always shows am no matter what time the mother board bios says the time is. can anyone help me with figuring this out. i am not sure what caused it. even put in a new mother board and have the same problem.

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In, I am displaying the results of an access DB query that returns
several fields, one in particular is a field that has a date/time datatype
format. In the database, the date/time fields only have date in short
format (eg. 6/1/04). When the record is displayed in a datagrid, 12:00am
is appended to the end of the date. How can either 1) supress the time
being added in the results or 2) change the code to drop the 12:00am? I'm
not a SQL pro yet, but am looking to change my select statement to only
return the date in the access field. This is an example of how the output
looks in the datagrid

1/1/2004 12:00am
4/5/2003 12:00am

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