Windows login - changed user name

Windows login - changed user name

Post by a3N0ZWNoZ2 » Tue, 26 Sep 2006 23:35:02

A little background. When the computer was set up we recorded user "Sally"
on the setup screen. Windows XP Professional, Dell 6000 Inspiron. Sally
left the company so we renamed the User to "KS". On the windows login screen
it continues to default to "Sally" and requests a password which we don't
have. If we change the user to "KS" we can log in to the computer and
continue business as usual. If we go to Control Panel-Users Sally is no
longer listed there or is she listed in Control PanelAdministrative
Tools|Computer Management|Local Users and Groups|Users. So I can't use the
control userpasswords 2 command to get rid of the password. I would like to
have the login in screen default to "KS" our current user and get rid of any
reference to "Sally". Does anyone have any ideas?

Windows login - changed user name

Post by WB » Wed, 27 Sep 2006 07:56:41

As a workaround you can change the way you log in so the last logged on user
name does not show. This way "Sally" will not show and neither will you
(assuming you were the last person to log on). In this scenario you will
have to input your name and password which is a security enhanced logon

Here's how:
In Administrative tools open Local Security Policy
Expand Local Policies
Click on Security Options

In the right pane, find Interactive logon / do not display last user name
and double-click it
Select Enable